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Nest Air

As our air quality continues to worsen, the adoption of air purifiers at homes and workplaces has been accelerating rapidly. Nest sees opportunities in this rapidly growing market and is interested in the possibility of extending their current product offerings to include a product in this space. How to define the future smart air purifier is the key

question in this project. The design is under a progress of patent.

Design - Myungwhan Choi

Initial Research - Chen Chen   Myungwhan Choi   Tom Gilmore


The air we breathe in our homes or offices can be

up to 100 times worse than the air outside.

Because of urbanization, however, people tend to get a smaller housing in urban area so that 51% of Americans are concerned about their cluttered spaces, so they may hesitate to purchase an air purifier.

Therefore, what if nest air takes care of the entire air treatment while

not taking up any room?

Space Efficiency

Total Air Care

Being Connected

The A/C function is just

added as the total air care.

User Persona


A Urban Dweller

Lives Hectic


​James is going to work.

He is a 31 years old banker in New York City. After graduating from a MBA program, he moved to this melting pot. He strives to live efficiently and likes the 60's modern style which is

very clean.

Being Smart

Monitor air quality at a glance

Nest Air compares  the outside air quality and tell you when you should not open the windows for your inside air quality, and its performance will keep changing according to the history of home air quality.

07 25 17

Outside Air Pollution


"Close the Windows"

The remote controller

is an option. Experience

the most Intuitive and simplest way to control Nest Air.


HEPA Filter

Photosynthesis Filter

Up to PM 2.5μm

The Most Particles and Viruses

The four internal wings enable Nest Air to concentrate its air flow to the direction where there is a bigger space.

However, the vent is formed in round

to deliver 360° indirect wind,

which is healthy and comfortable.

The jet engine inspired

triple fan Is powerful enough

that Nest Air absorbs dirty air.

The Smart Air Purifier

Using Natural Air Convection

Positioning Matrix


Air Care

Small Footprint



Big Footprint


Design Process

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