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Ground Control

Racer has been held annually during the month of August since 2006 in ArtCenter College of Design’s Graduate Industrial Design Department. The 14 Week long design project is to compete with student teams in a variety of events with uniquely designed remote controlled race vehicles, which are propelled by energy stored in 16 feet of rubber band.

Design, Engineering & Branding - Myungwhan Choi   Lilian Ware   Xinyao Liu

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The Goal of Project

Learning by Doing

FormulaE vehicles are designed and developed utilizing scratch-build fabrication techniques as well as with computers and rapid prototyping tools, advanced materials and mechanisms that is based on sophisticated design solutions as problem solving.

The speed of cars can reach over 25mph so that understanding the road environment and driving skills are required as well.

Gear Drive Car

Control Oriented

Direct Drive Car

Power Oriented

The Art of E-Car Racing by Mashable on YouTube

Design & Engineering Innovation

The pulled back and lower

center of gravity will enhance

the stability in driving. 

The structural cut for the flexibility which the narrow middle body is intended for

The buna-n rubber wobbling suspension allowing the body to be stick with ground but absorbs the outer shock efficiently

The cambered and toed-in front wheels for stable cornering as well as

straight drive 

Ceramic ball bearings with machine milled enclosure

Poron foam suspension and rear wheel differential system

Ground Control

To make more fun, we branded ourselves. In this discussion,

our common interest was traveling along with the definitions

of adventure, discover and expedition. Then, we focused on how to tweak this identity a little bit culturally. Finally we found a right figure who is David Bowie. Even his song 'Space Oddity' not only illustrates the journey to some frontier but also the characteristic of our car.

Giveaways during the competition

Tracks & Scores


The Sinclair Hill Climb

Duration: 10.42s

Ranking: 1


Ash Tray Drag Race

Duration: 4.45s

Ranking: 2


Sculpture Garden Flats

Duration: 20.25s

Ranking: 1

Final Winner of 2016 GradID Formula E Competition

and Walt Disney Imagineering Moon Shot Award

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