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Online influencers are within people's grasp.

They feel more real to us than the distant lives of celebrities.

Sponsored by the social media branding agency, which is MerchLabs. The company cooperated with over 170 online influencers to sell its branded merchandise--for example, T shirts or small goods--to followers and others. The goal of this project is

to discover a new revenue growth model for its business beyond the current. Also, a new model should be fueled especially by the convergence of technologies that allow a real production. 

Design - Myungwhan Choi

Strategy - Anne Gagnon   Chen Chen   Myungwhan Choi   Xinyao Liu



The online influencer trend is all about engagement.

The engagement with influencers matters for audiences in different online social media. However, those influencers are often pressured about their contents to show everyday.

How can we help them make a unique stories

to sustain their online stage to their fans?


​CanU? is an online social platform, based on subscription. Followers challenge their favorite influencers to do fun tasks. The influencers will choose from the top voted challenges and perform any challenge he or she likes.

CanU?'s monthly subscription is $ 2.99.

What if 2% of followers are the target user, while Merchlabs' influencers have established 5.25M followers?

Annual revenue is projected to


However, there will be another opportunity for Merchlabs.

Another Opportunity


These days, 74% marketers plan to budget on influencers marketing.

Many brands believe that influencers will help reach out their followers for brands to leverage their niche markets. This means influencers will get another opportunity.

They can create a revenue stream through their popularity and the contents

sponsored by brands.

Stakeholders' Advantages



Better Engagement

Aspirational Contents

Through CanU?, the subscriber can be directly engaged with influencers who give lifestyle and fun content, fascinating audiences.



Authentic Contents

Increasing Popularity

Influencers no longer get pressured from monotonous content, and the rating system allows them to reach other none followers in this platform.



Independent Platform

A New Revenue

Through having an independent platform, Merchlabs does not have to rely on Instagram, etc, and making a revenue from CanU?.



New Relationship

Niche Market

Brands can make a relationship with influencers listed

by MerchLabs and they can cultivate the online niche market that each specific influencer creates.

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