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Rebranding and Strategy

Sponsored by Newell, the project is to envision a new visual language for

the Prismacolor premier product line which is one of the company's iconic portfolios. Newell grew the Prismacolor business by continuing to produce high performing products, but has conveyed doubts about its product line positioning while many art and design practices are done by the digital applications and tools. Therefore, mapping out a plan for the company to go in the future is main focus.

Rebranding Design - Myungwhan Choi

Branding Strategy - Mathew Clarck   Myungwhan Choi   Tanmay Mahotra



How might Prismacolor satisfies customers in the future as

a professional art and design tool maker?


Prismacolor has been successful at being a companion throughout the life of art practitioners. However, when they move on in their career, they no longer stick with these analogue tools.

A new brand strategy for Prismacolor to leverage its professional drawing tools to a digital future.

Positioning Issue


Prismacolor is known for its specialty in pro

usage. However, most target users are students,

not professional users. To meet professional

users, should Prismacolor upscale its brand

with a new segment? Color pencils and markers’ price range in professional usage is subtle.

If the company produces an upscale product,

it will confront a conflict in between its segments. Therefore, uplifting the current brand segment

is the objective.

Currently, Prismacolor lacks of strong appeal to customers. Holding a sense of good vibe through using the product line is the key to affirm a good brand image. Once established, future customers would love to be advocate the brand.

Moreover, how can the company leverage its image as a professional tool maker for the future? It might be a blueprint that Prismacolor would enter to the digital world, where artists are able to express their works beyond the limitation of analogue tools.

Uplifting Brand Language

Introduction of Digital Application

Professional Sketchbook and Toolkit

Advanced Expressive Capability






Uplifting the Brand Image in 2017

The Flow of Passion in Art

Good Vibe




Acquiring a Digital Media Presence in 2017

Prismacolor is not

recognized globally.

BSPF has taken the prima color trademark in Europe. So, Prismacolor sells under the Karismacolor brand name. Therefore, to enter the global digital market we strongly recommend acquiring Prisma which is a relatively new digital presence specializing in art filters for photography.

The Prisma brand name is simple enough to be recognized.

And it also represents the brand image that Prismacolor communicates. Moreover, Prisma has a strong user base of 1.2 Million daily active users which can be leveraged for Prismacolor

to enter the digital market.

The Prisma application will serve as a digital drawing experience for Prismacolor.


Professional Sketchbook and Toolkit in 2018

This advanced drawing tool evolved to satisfy the professional

users who want an application for a delicate use.

The professional application is supported by

a toolkit that enhances the user interface of the sketchbook.


Advanced Expressive Capabilities in 2020

People in the creative world do not limit themselves and thrive to express themselves is

a newly expressive way. Current trends in the industry showed an acceptance of virtual and augmented reality as an expressive tool for art and design practices.

By introducing 3D capabilities artists can now use their Prismacolor toolkit  as a controller for a more simplified 3D workflow in the Prisma application.

A new brand strategy for Prismacolor

to leverage its professional drawing tools to a digital future.

Brand expansion

into the digital

Retaining the value of professional artist tool maker.

Stimulating customer expression

Design Process

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