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Sleep to Go

The National Sleep Foundation and member organizations of the National Sleep Awareness Round table are seeking to secure federal funding to increase the number

of Americans that are regularly getting a good night's sleep. The project objective is

to develop a proposal for new business opportunities in products and services, which create future desirable experiences by implementing technologies based on

future trends 

Strategy & Future Study - Kui Cai   Myungwhan Choi   Zhiyu Liu

Car Design - Michael Song



We started with simple questions:

What if one arrives rested, ahead of the destination?

How are sleep and travel combined together?

Light, noise, sitting posture, privacy matter.


The most frequent activity in transit is sleeping. It accounts for 60% out of all types

of behavior during trip. Therefore, travelers strive for more comfortable experiences.

80% of Passengers want better seat as well as 64% of them want enough space.

Sleep should not be disturbed.

Sleep to Go optimizes resting and sleeping moments by changing the way people travel through on demand private services with autonomous cars.

Rest before


"Do not Disturb"


On Demand Traveling Autonomous Cars

Enhanced Sleeping



in LA and SF

Sleep to Go offers services on an on demand basis anywhere in these two areas. The eight hour journey drains travelers' energy before their wonderful time at the destination. Even though a few believe that shorter plane travel would relieve this difficulty, many passengers still suffer from the crowded environment as well as the accessibility to

the airport. That is how we see an opportunity for business that helps improve the resting experience in transit.

Pick up Anywhere


How will tomorrow's public transportation

look like?

On demand service will stay the same. Throughout autonomous cars, more personalized and private services will come to customers.

11:35pm Oct. 21

"John, it is the time to travel to San Francisco."

Suite Cabin

Transportation is not just about getting

from place to place.

Today, public transportation means for everyone's mobility.

Tomorrow, we believe, this industry would be tailored into different human needs.

Sleep to go will be a sleep expert in this industry.

Take off your shoes like you are in a living room. Great entertainment would be one of cool remedies allowing you to fall asleep.

Get Rest

Perfect environment for rest and sleep is our goal.​

Be calm, be private and be disconnected from the world.

Sleep to Go finds

a right spot.

Sensing your heart rate, breathing, and body movement, the system enables you to wake up at the best time in your sleeping cycle around the time you set.  

Implementing technologies, Sleep to Go cabin will accommodate the customer even if in different travel circumstances. 

Comfy Adjustment Seat

with Individual Heat System

Sleep Pattern Analysis


poly="many", somnus="sleep"

Halo Sonic

Active Noise Cancellation

Sunset Light Spectrum

Allowance for Melatonin


Automatic Solar Control Glass


We Offer

The voice recognition will respond to your order as

a concierge service.

However, do not limit the way you communicate through your ears. The holographic screen will help maximize your engagement with the system visually.

Arrive Refreshed


We already rolled out places where you are going.

To extend the service, do not hesitate to tell the car. We will reschedule the car and get you to the places since our car distribution is quite flexible through the hub in each city.

Be Calm, Be Private &

Be Disconnected from the World

Business Plan

Sleep to Go is a new type of service.

Therefore, we had to retrieve the market pricing from other existing competitors. How to monetize the values of experiences in a service product?

With understanding of a strategy framework, called Value Curve.

We could pull out the costs of values, based on market price including hidden costs and try to see how our service can be priced.

Sleep to Go offers a higher premium service than other existing businesses. Taking in account hidden costs, the price of first class airplane, which is one of comparable competitors in the service level, is $243. However, it does not offer what we can do

in our service.

Sleep to Go will be launched in 2020 with

the flat rate at $250.

Anchor 1

If we conservatively project the occupancy rate as 33% daily in the initial rollout with 40 cars, our annual revenue will be $3.65M.

In 10% APR under the 5 years payback period, the early investment

for the product development will be $1M in 2017.

For second investment that we need will be $1.85M in 2020 when Sleep

to Go will be launched.

For more details, please click on

System Model

The central hubs in LA and SF will take care of our cars.

The on demand transportation service, Sleep to Go, strives for getting everything connected to different services and systematic partnerships for better experiences

of not only transportation but also sleep.

Future Study

Implications through trend study.

Environmental Scanning, Future Wheel, Cross Impact and Causal Loops are used

to explore deeper into future driving forces.



Aging Population

Privacy Issue

Social Entrepreneurship

Overwhelmed by Options

Online Culture of Influence & Power

DIY Culture

Melting Pot

One Person Household

Crowd Sourcing


Ubiquitous Sensing & Monitoring

Rise of Bots & Automation

Additive Manufacturing

Deep Learning

Tech Dependency

Generative Design

Predictive Analytics

Blended Reality

Quantified Self

Tech Dependency


Federal Deficit

New Measures of Wealth


Increasing Cost of Production

Digital Currency & Blockchain

Declining Middle Class

Affordable Luxury

Gig Economy

Sharing Economy




Climate Volatility

Tracking Hidden Ecology Costs

Cradle to Cradle & Lifecycle MGT

Increasing Amount of Waste

Product Obsolescence


Doubts about Climate Change


New Nationalism & Protectionism

Decrease in Social Care

Privacy & Security Laws

Surveillance State

Restructuring Government

Decrese in Social Care

Safety issues on Automation

Obamacare Controversy

X Factor:Sleep

Distracting Medias

Work Anxiety

Distractive Urbanization

Well-being Trend


Increasing # of Chronic Disease Patients

New Parents

Growing Awareness of Sleep
Sleep Technology / Apps

Future Wheel

Cross Impact

Causal Loops

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